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The eighth season of Beer and Board Games, an American comedy show created by brothers Aaron Yonda and Andrew Yonda, began February 1, 2018. The show airs each week on YouTube and the uncut live version of the show is available by purchasing a pass on their website at Beer and Board Games is produced by Blame Society Films and filmed in Madison, Wisconsin.

Beer and Board Games (season 8)
Original release 1 February 2018 (2018-02-01) – present
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Episode listEdit

The following is a list of every episode in the eighth season of the series.

Each episode title contains the name of the board game being played with the exception of S8E12: "Divorce Game". A board game called The Changing Family Game and a card game called POOP: The Game were played in that episode.

Title Guests Original air date YouTube link

Featured beersEdit

The following is a list of beers featured in each episode of Beer and Board Games Season 8.

Title Beer (Brewing Company) ABV Availability (Seasonal)
S8E01: "What Do You Meme?" Conway's Irish Ale (Great Lakes Brewing Company) 6.3% January
"It's a no nonsense Irish Ale that tastes of the earth." - Matt
S8E02: "Stereotopics + Say It Don't Spray It" My Turn Series: Kristin (Lakefront Brewery) 8.0% Limited Release
"It tastes like smoked ham with honey." - Aaron
"I like ham, guys. —two hams up, right there" - Deon
S8E03: "Animal Ailments" Mission Amber (Mission Brewery) 5.0% Year-Round
"It's a pretty solid American Amber Ale." - Aaron
"It's tart. I would almost say that it has a tart cherry flavor to it." - Matt
"Woody cherry. Woody Guthrie." - Aaron
S8E04: "Yakronyms + Magic Princess Fairy" Winter Lager (Sprecher Brewing Company) 5.70% Winter
"It is surprisingly fruity." - Aaron
"But it's got a mild molasses undertone to it." - Matt
S8E05: "Doodle Master" Space Station Middle Finger (3 Floyds Brewing Company) 6.00% Year-Round
"It's sweet. It's like giving a middle finger in space?" - Aaron
"Hops, citrus, perhaps even grapefruit, which is citrus." - Matt
S8E06: "Social Skills" Plaid Panther (Hops Haus Brewing Company) 8.00% Rotating
"It tastes like peat. It's very smokey. A little bit hammy. It's the kind of scotch ale I'm not super excited about." - Aaron
"This is too smokey." - Matt
S8E07: "Cards Against Humanity Green Box" Insane Mane Red Ale (White Lion Brewing Company) 6.50% Year-Round
"It's balanced. Good job, White Lion." - Aaron
S8E08: "Don't Get Drunk (Drinking Game)" Madtown Nutbrown (Ale Asylum) 5.50% Year-Round
"Nutty, chocolatey cocoa. This has got everything. The best brown ales are perfectly balanced." - Matt
S8E09: "We Didn't Playtest This At All + Werewords" Rebel Kent (3 Sheeps Brewing Company) 5.00% Year-Round
"This is a nice medium amber. This beer invites you to do yard work." - Matt
"The best ambers are full bodied and at the same time have a lightness to them and I think this fits the bill." - Matt
"This is good. I can drink a lot of these all night long." - Aaron
S8E10: "Nasty Things + Rolf" Tokyo Sauna (Karben4 Brewing) 5.3% Spring
"That's really good! Holy shit, it's light." - Aaron
"It's refreshing." - Matt; "Yes, it's refreshing. Very effervescent." - Aaron
"It's in your face" - Matt; "like a Tokyo Sauna." - Aaron
"It has a bold flavor." - Matt
S8E11: "The Game of Real Life" Special Ale (River Horse Brewing Company) 5.5% Year-Round
"Oh, my. It's a lot sweeter than I suspected. Almost like a cherry? What am I tasting?" - Aaron
"It's a little metallic and then sweet like fruity." - Mike
"And there's some hops——back end." - Gary
"It inserts itself right away and then like disappears. I think it's because I have a cold." - Matt
S8E12: "Divorce Game" Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter (Wild Ride Brewing) 6% Year-Round
"Really smells like peanut butter. Unpleasant." - Matt
"It really smells like cap'n crunch peanut butter crunch. It tastes like——a cardboard box of a cap'n crunch peanut butter" - Mike
"Eh." - Aaron
"I don't mind it. I kinda like it. The chocolate is coming through. It's a peanut butter cup in my mouth." - Gary
"I'm not a close minded person but I'm willing to step out on a limb and say that peanut butter shouldn't be a flavor in beer." - Matt
S8E13: "Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza" Eliot Ness (Great Lakes Brewing Company) 6.1% Year-Round
"This is a solid amber. Really good. Perfectly balanced." - Aaron
"Oh, delicious. This is so good. This has a metallic taste that is actually pleasant." - Matt
S8E14: "Sculptapalooza" Martian Sunrise (Karben4 Brewing) 7% Rotating
Aaron, "This is a solid amber. Really good. Perfectly balanced."
Matt, "That's red and that's pale."
Linda, "It smells hoppier than it tastes."
S8E15: "Sparkle Kitty Nights" Willy Time (Mason Ale Works) 5% Rotating
Deb, "I do taste that little bit of orange."
Matt, "That's a big old citrus bomb." Aaron agrees, "Oh yeah."
Matt continues, "Oranges, lemon it's like an XTC Album." Aaron adds, "Tastes just like 1989."
S8E16: "Mad Libs for Adults" Stop Work 689 (Straight to Ale) 5.1% Rotating
Deb, "That doesn't taste like anything."
Matt, "That tastes like very little. It's really astounding. It's got almost no flavor whatsoever."
Aaron followed by Matt (in parentheses), "There is an aftertaste, a little bit of cream (and a tiny bit of peach)."
S8E17: "Face The Consequences (Drinking Game)" Simply Dusty (Karben4 Brewing) 5.8% Summer
Matt, "It's a bit too herbal."

David, "I think it tastes like olive that you just picked off the tree. It's not ready to eat at all."
Stacey, "It tastes like a hefeweizen. It has the bananay." (Matt and David agree.)

S8E18: "Who'd You Rather?" Happy Glamper (Lakefront Brewery) 5.0% Seasonal
Matt, "This is a very unassuming beer."

Aaron, "Oh there's a little watermelon there."
Matt, "I can see why they call it leisure ale. 'Cause this is uncomplicated and you dont have to think about it and you don't have to react to it."

S8E19: "End Of The World Zombie Apocalypse" Romantic Chemistry IPA (Dogfish Head Craft Brewery} 7.2% Rotating
Matt, "That's real good it's little on the tart side for me but the nuance of it and you can really taste those flavors."
Aaron, "You can really taste the mangoes"
S8E20: "Zombie Apocalypse 2 (with Cthulhu Surprise)" Backwoods Bastard (Founders Brewing Company 11.2% Autumn
Matt grimaces.
Aaron, "I like it. It's chocolatey. This is my favorite kind of beer."
S8E21: "Spanc" Blue Collar Blonde (Rusty Rail Brewing Company) 4.6% Year-round
Aaron, "Oooh, that's nice."

Matt, "Oranges. Like the pulp of the oranges."
Aaron, "And a little bit of rind on the back end actually."

S8E22: "Huggermugger" Fool's Gold Peanut Butter Hefeweizen (Rusty Rail Brewing Company) 8.0% Rotating
Matt, "It smells like bullshit."

Aaron, "It tastes like peanut butter. It tastes a lot like peanut butter."
Matt, "It tastes like popcorn. (You're right) It tastes more like popcorn than peanut butter."

S8E23: "Gingerdead House" Honey Lav (Blackrocks Brewery) 5.2% Summer
Matt followed by Aaron, "Nice. Honey is not overpowering. Neither is the lav."

Aaron explains that the "lav" refers to lavender.
Matt, "The lavender could easily been overpowering but that's not either. This is well balanced."

S8E24: "Dirty Drawers (hilarious drawing game)"

S8E25: "Camel Up (With John Kovalic)" Loch Down Scotch Ale (Arcadia Brewing Company) 8.0% Year-Round
Matt, "It's so tangy. I don't like that at all."

John Kovalic, "It's almost sour."

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