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Chaos Chicken is an Adam Koralik creation in the series Gang Beasts. Adam controls a chartreuse gang beast in a chicken costume and fights other gang beasts controlled by the other Game Society members, Aaron Yonda, Emre Cihangir, and Jason Stephens.

Chaos Chicken
Gang Beasts character
Chaos chicken.jpg
Voiced by Adam Koralik
Species Chaos and Chicken

Chaos Chicken is named after the way the gang beast fights. Adam button mashes his controller and annoys the other guys more or less serious about winning the game.

Chaos Chicken is a highly requested character along with Mickey and Stitch during livestream videos.


  • Chaotic swinging of its arms
  • Suicidal tendencies (jumps off the stage)
  • Jumps around like a "taint"
  • Even after the person he is fighting is unconscious, Chaos Chicken continues to beat on him instead of throwing him out of the arena
  • Chaos Chicken's goal in the game is to kill Aaron, the green comb-over beast, even if it means killing himself.
  • Loud and Obnoxious
    • Owner of an obnoxious laughter


  • AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Chaos Wins!!

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