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Christopher Walkenthrough

Christopher Walkenthrough is an American comedy series produced and directed by Game Society Films for Machinima. The show stars voice impressionist Jason Stephens as the voices for Christopher Walken and many other celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. The format is known as a "Walkenthrough" although the celebrity voice impersonations featured are not exclusive to Christopher Walken.[1]

Christopher Walkenthrough
Christopher walkenthrough.jpg
Created by Aaron Yonda
Adam Koralik
Emre Cihangir
Starring Jason Stephens
Original release 2011
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Aaron Yonda, Adam Koralik, and Emre Cihangir are involved in production.


Christopher WalkenthroughEdit

As the title of the series implies, Christopher Walken (voiced by Jason Stephens) plays through numerous games giving hints and advice about the game and about life in a Christopher Walken fashion. Morgan Freeman (voiced by Jason Stephens) appears often with Walken.

The series often starts with "I've got a fever and the only prescription is..." in reference to the SNL skit "More Cowbell" (Wikipedia).[2][3]

Morgan FreemanEdit

Main article: Morgan Freeman

Game Society's Morgan Freeman impersonator plays video games and narrates the events in his famous deep voice. The series format is sometimes known as "storytime."

Presidential GamersEdit

Main article: Presidential Gamers

During Barack Obama's tenure as President, Game Society's Obama impersonator played video games to promote his health care program, ACA, also known as "Obamacare." His gamer tag was HealthcareGOV and he would interact with the young gaming audience to convince them to visit the government health insurance website, He would also play video games to get away from the pressures of being president and after his term as president ended, he would use his free time to play games to get away from spending too much time with family.[4]

Gearing up for the 2016 presidential election, Game Society started making videos featuring then Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, who would later become President.

Jason has also voiced as former President George W. Bush.

Other impressionsEdit

Game Society has also made celebrity impersonation videos like John Madden and Randy Newman.


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