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Enderal For Pimps is a 2017 comedy show created by Aaron Yonda and Emre Cihangir based on the gameplay of Enderal: The Shards of Order, an adventure game built using The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's platform. The story takes place in a country called Enderal on planet Vyn featuring Juggs Bonerhound. She is Half Arazealean.

Enderal For Pimps
Enderal For Pimps.jpg
Created by
Starring Aaron Yonda
Emre Cihangir
No. of episodes 14
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release April 27 (2017-04-27) – October 13, 2017 (2017-10-13)
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She first arrives on the shores Enderal and discovers that she has mystical powers. The story follows Juggs's adventure in Enderal learning how to use magic and doing odd jobs for the crazy and sane along the way.

Later, Juggs pursues her career as a fighting poet learning from the great Prince Adreyu of Mith.



  • Juggs Bonerhound - Juggs is a poet/battlemage/warrior of unknown past who has a weird hobby of kissing and making everyone kiss animals. She also appears to have an obsession with dead rats. She is quite promiscuous and tends to be scattered brain. Unlike female protagonists from other Game Society series, Juggs does not have any interest in women.
  • Conscience - Juggs's Conscience is very obsessed with Arby's and talks about it all the time.

Recurring themesEdit

  • Reference to Arby's Gyro whenever Yero's name comes up
  • Reference to pirate and Game Society's very own Emrebeard
    • Emrebeard is a pirate that sails the emotional seas.
  • The citizens of Riverville are obsessed with dead rats and will line up to see one.
  • Juggs having the hots for Jespar
  • Juggs aspires to become a poet, learning from the great Prince Adreyu of Mith whose style "combines classic metric with primeval onomatopoeia."[1]

Episode listEdit

# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 Meat Is Life Apr 27, 2017 Link
The story begins when Juggs Bonerhound, a stowaway traveling to the country of Enderal by boat, has a nightmare about his father turning against her. She wakes up to a fellow traveler, Sirius, who tries to allay her fears but later gets caught by the crew and dies. While her newfound friend dies, Juggs loses consciousness and has a vision about an ancient ruin, later waking up on the shores of Enderal. She begins exploring the new world and her new magical powers trying to find out what her nightmares and visions might have meant.

Aaron and Emre talk in detail about how the game compares to Skyrim: the gameplay, the graphics, and the attention to detail.

2 Everyone We Meet Dies May 4, 2017 Link
Juggs adventures around Enderal and eventually finds some nice people who welcome her into their camp. Unfortunately, they get murdered with an explosion and Juggs loses consciousness. She wakes up in a cave on the side of a cliff under the protection of a man named Jespar who is willing her help her manage her fever caused by her newfound magical powers. In return, he wants her to recover Yero's journal for him. Juggs tries to get Jespar interested in her by stripping but she gets nowhere.

Aaron and Emre discuss how to lead a troll into a trap. They later reveal which one of them is the careful gamer and which one of them likes to skip the minor details of the game.

3 Darth Vatyr May 11, 2017 Link
Juggs is on a mission to find Yero's journal for Jespar, who rescued her in the previous episode. Apparently, Yero's journal was thrown into the sea in a strongbox. Heading through the mountains, Juggs discovers a lady lying on the ground mumbling. She discovers that this lady was just sleeping and having a nightmare and has Juggs kill a Vatyr that Aaron and Emre cleverly call Darth Vatyr. After rescuing what turns out to be this lady's little pet from the Vatyr, Juggs gets defeated by wolves and bandits.

Figuring going through the mountain would be too difficult, she walks along the shoreline missing much of the adventure and fun missions set by this game. Finally reaching the strongbox under the sea, they discover that Yero's journal is a love letter to Arby's and detailing Emre's love of their Gyros.

4 Don't Attack the Pigs May 18, 2017 Link
Juggs heads over to meet a man named Alfrid who might know more about Yero but gets sidetracked when she attacks a pig. The villagers and the pig chased Juggs around to her death.

Re-orienting herself after her little accident, she sits down with Alfrid who brings up the topic of emotions. Emrebeard, the emotional pirate from the Life is Strange series, appears to guide and navigate the seas of emotion.

5 Old Lady Batin' May 25, 2017 Link
After an exhausting encounter with Alfrid, Juggs decides she needs to get drinks at the local tavern. Along the way, she talks to a wrinkly woman who asks her to get her a beauty potion. Juggs goes on a mission to retrieve it but ends up drinking the potion herself.

6 The Magic Rat June 1, 2017 Link
Juggs bathes for a long time in a pool and contemplate the number of females she would want rubbing up against her. She finds a lucky rat that leads her to things and names it Ratski. She hauls the rat around a town and puts it on various people, making them kiss the dead rat. During her stay in town, Juggs witnesses a man puting his forehead on various women's butt. At the end of the episode, Juggs finally talks to the old woman, who requested potions in the previous episode, and lied to her face.

7 Brute Lust June 8, 2017 Link
Learning about a tanner's secret stash kept away in his house, Juggs messes around with hidden levers and steals his goods. After the robbery, she heads over to the mayor's house and learns that his wife is sick. However, Juggs is not interested in helping her get better and fantasizes about having a threesome with the couple. While over at the mayor's house, Juggs picks up some poetry books and Aaron and Emre starts doing poetry slam. They had so much fun slamming, she ends up stealing the poetry books for their future enjoyment. Later, she explores the haunted old Penta's house to find out that it might be Pee-wee Herman's house.

8 Dude Gets Exploded Jun 16, 2017 Link
Juggs inspects a gold penny with a lion on it's back. She finds lube oil and saves it in case of a rainy day. Juggs gets cookies from a man who promptly explodes by a woman who appeared and disappeared. The man turned into purple playdoh when he exploded. Juggs finds another rat that she holds around as she walks. People then line up to touch the rat and a dog chases Juggs and the rat around. She finds the original rat and places it in a well as she talks to the Mayor about his dead wife and her affair.

9 Electrocuting Cows Jun 28, 2017 Link
Juggs sells some goods and finds an extremely small child. She complains about how she can't fast travel anywhere, so she spends her time electrocuting rabbits, singing songs and reading books. Juggs talks about a troll selling panties (Yakuza 0 For Pimps) and warns kids away from getting addicted to panties. She kills all the trolls with chain lightening and tries on robes. Juggs then ponders on the idea of a sexy Gollum (from Lord of the Rings) and the various types of Crasps. Juggs' conscience convinces her to kill a herd of cows by telling her that they don't have tongues. However, a cow trys to counterattack, but Juggs slaughters it to find that it is devoid of meat. She then sits on a bench and she and her conscience have a conversation about her obsession with money.

10 How to Get Married in Enderal Jul 6, 2017 Link
Juggs harasses Marek Sicklestroke, a farm owner in Riverville. She takes his lavenders, his cheese wheels... oh and his life. Looting Marek's stuff, Juggs finds a farm key from his corpse and decides to head on over to his farm house.

Once she gets there, she discovers that the family members do not mind at all that she killed Marek. In fact, she can sleep on his bed right next to his wife. Juggs believes that this is basically marriage. Even Marek's son treats Juggs like family and keeps pestering Juggs about something that he found on the shore. She follows the son only to find out that it was just some note.

Later, Juggs goes back to the farm and discovers that her new family might be pirates. There was clear evidence of it. The wife loves shouting out, "ahoy!" Learning about their hidden identities, Juggs feels less guilty about killing the husband as pirate take what they want.

11 Bleak Tree Aug 12, 2017 Link
Juggs decides to becomes a poet adventurer following her lifelong passion. As her first big task as poet adventurer, she decides that she will make a boring, old treasure-hunting poem interesting by adding lots of interjections like eloquently done by the famous poet Prince Adreyu of Mith. With the improved poem in hand, she follows the clues of the poem to first find the source of the river and then bleak tree leading to the treasure. She shares the treasure with Marek's son with promise that he would spread the word of Juggs the poet!

Opening scene is a comedic personification of a "rhinocow."

12 Burned Alive Sep 2, 2017 Link
Juggs finally reports back to Jespar and tells him of the adventure she had. She told him how he became a poet and then married a lady for the money. She hoped Jespar might be jealous after hearing that. As Juggs looks down to pick up a bucket, Juggs loses sight of him.

Suddenly feeling abandoned, she goes looking for him and finds him standing in front of a security system where one has to open all five starling lock within a certain time to open the gate. Jespar would have to stand on a trigger while Juggs would run around countless times trying to open the locks. After being told "damn that was too slow" by Jespar far too many times, she manages to open all of the locks within the allotted time and the gate opens. Jespar passes through the gate without saying a word, which disappoints Juggs as she was expecting gratitude from him.

Juggs fights off a fire elemental, which explodes in Juggs and Jespar's faces as they lock into conversation. Later, Juggs skims through the dullest book ever, Yero's memorial book, and she somehow convinces Jespar to have sex with her. He even tells her that he has two teleport scrolls ready for the occasion. Unfortunately, the teleportation was too quick to do the deed and Juggs was left to scour around and find some stuff lying around.

After countless puns on the word "well" and discussing what it means to be a badass, Juggs discovers that the building that they were in was a fun shack. She found weed and drinks and since it was 4:30 in Enderal (note not 4:20), it was time to get blazed.

13 Vegan Pirates? Sep 30, 2017 Link
Juggs Bonerhound finds railroad tracks and decides to run along it, humming the choo choo theme (although this "choo choo" theme was parodied into the "Juggs Juggs" theme). At the end of the tracks was a pirate hideout, which was perfect since there was a bounty to kill the pirate leader Pylas. Discovering vegan soup and an invincible chicken, she uncovers a potentially devastating operation of vegans trying to force people to become vegans by making animals invincible and uneatable.

After shutting down the dangerous vegan operation and killing the pirate leader, she heads on back to the Riverville bulletin board to collect her reward. Afterwards she talks to Jespar at the tavern, who she believes has a boner for her (as evidenced on how he remains sitting and does not dare stand up). She agrees to help with Jespar on his mission. Before they leave the tavern, Juggs forcefully stops the bard from singing and starts "poetry slamming" about S'oggyballs but the room goes silent and Juggs leaves the tavern in shame.

In this episode, Emrebeard makes a brief appearance when Juggs raids the pirate hideout. Also in this episode, Juggs revisits Marek's corpse and positions him out of the way and onto a chair.

14 Romantic Road Trip Oct 13, 2017 Link
Juggs goes on a romantic walk in the night with Lord Varek, also known as Jespar. Once Juggs and Lord Varek arrived at an overlook, Varek started talking smooth, talking about how beautiful the scenery was. Unfortunately for Juggs, that was the only smooth thing he said that night. Lord Varek was a nervous wreck and started spouting history facts, ruining the mood.

After helping out the two brothers Bunvar and Ulvar resolve their problems, Juggs takes a bath in the river, hoping to seduce Lord Varek. To Juggs's surprise, Varek appeares right next to Juggs but he only ends up teasing her yet again.

Some topics in this episode are: being jerked off by a troll, wondering how many nipples bears have, using plates to protect from spider silk, and lessons on how to start a compelling story (which could be about the number of nipples a bear has).


  • Game Society Pimps's business partner and friend Jason Stephens has voiced two in-game characters.

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