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Far Cry 5 is an open world FPS video game developed by Ubisoft. Since the game has co-op capabilities, Emre Cihangir and Aaron Yonda join forces to go beat up evil cultists (and citizens) of fictional Montana.

Far Cry 5
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Created by
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Original release March 4, 2014 (2014-03-04) – present
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Far Cry 5, being one of the most anticipated games of 2018, has generated a lot of interest in the YouTube gaming community. Game Society released several early access videos, one of which has been watched over 150,000 views.[1] Since the game's release, Aaron and Emre have created a few episodes as part of their main Far Cry 5 series and made live comedic commentary on YouTube for their Live Show.

See below for the many videos Game Society has created concerning Far Cry 5.




Pre-release videos are listed below.

# Title Original
YouTube Link

- We Yell At The Far Cry 5 Trailer May 26, 2017 Link

- Bombing Cows Sep 26, 2017 Link

- Inappropriate Punching Dec 29, 2017 Link

- Punch Everyone Mar 3, 2018 Link

- Arcade Mode/Multiplayer Mar 17, 2018 Link

Main seriesEdit

Playthroughs and walkthroughs released after Far Cry 5 became publicly available.

# Title Original
YouTube Link

- Far Cry 5 Funny Moments in Co-Op Mar 28, 2018 Link
Portion of the "Death Wish" story quest

- Letting NPCs Drive Apr 6, 2018 Link
Portion of the "Patriot Acts" side quest

- EX-Girlfriend Apr 16, 2018 Link
"Free Larry" and the "Heroes Journey" (Magnopulsar) side quests

- Far Cry 5 Fails and Bugs May 2, 2018 Link

- Far Cry 5 Bear in Town May 15, 2018 Link


The episodes below are celebrity impression videos and part of the Walkenthrough series.

# Title Original
YouTube Link

- Obama Plays Far Cry 5 Sep 12, 2017 G Link

- Far Cry 5 With Morgan Freeman Dec 30, 2017 M Link
G Link

Live shows and other live streamsEdit

The following are Far Cry 5 gameplays broadcast via YouTube live streaming.

# Title Original
YouTube Link

- Far Cry 5 LIVE - (No Spoilers) Game Society Pimps Mar 25, 2018 Aaron Cam
Emre Cam
Early access

- Far Cry 5 - 4 Hours of Gameplay Mar 27, 2018 Link
Originally titled "Far Cry 5 Activities," Aaron live-streamed his gameplay of Far Cry 5 on GameSociety2.

- Scribblenauts Showdown + Far Cry 5 Mar 28, 2018 Link

- Live Far Cry 5 Multiplayer Arcade Mode Apr 11, 2018 Link

- Aaron Plays Far Cry, Emre Plays Sea of Thieves Apr 19, 2018 Link
Aaron and Emre casually playing games with fans on the GameSociety2 YouTube channel.

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