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Aaron and Emre try to have fun playing Farming Simulator (Wikipedia), a game which Aaron and Emre has little interest playing. They are supposed to be farmers tilling the fields, breeding livestock, growing crops, and selling their products. Instead, Aaron and Emre attempt to destroy farming equipment, cause traffic on the street, run people over, harass a villager, buy random animals for the farm, and complain about the game mechanics.

Farming Simulator
Farming simulator.jpg
Created by
No. of episodes 3
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release April 24 (2014-04-24) – May 7, 2014 (2014-05-07)
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Website Episode 1 YouTube Video
Episode 2 YouTube Video
Episode 3 YouTube Video

This series in part of Guys VS Games.


Recurring ThemesEdit

  • Emre trys to p*ss off Aaron by wasting time in the game.
  • Emre and Aaron call out for help to escape farming.
    • Similar to Aaron's cry for help in Shitty, Shitty Hunting Game - TOTAL OUTDOORSMAN CHALLENGE!, the first episode in the Angry Hunter. Aaron's character pretends to break his leg and calls for a helicopter to get out of the hunting grounds in British Columbia.
  • "Water logs" (water trough)
  • Farming sexual innuendos
    • Similar to episode 6 in GTA For Pimps, when Franklin goes to the strip club in a rusty old tractor.
  • Trying to have "fun" in the game by running people over and crashing their tractors into buildings. The only satisfaction they get is that they can cause a total shutdown of traffic by creating a blockade with a tractor.


A compilation of the three videos in the Farming Simulator playlist.

# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 Prepare to Get Plowed Apr 24, 2014 Link

2 Massive Death Toll Farming Accident May 2, 2014 Link

3 A Flying F*ck May 7, 2014 Link

- REMASTERED June 20, 2017 Link

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