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Gang Beasts is a multiplayer game, where the players fight each other as little costumed characters. The player that survives the most rounds wins.

Gang Beasts
Gang Beasts game society.jpg
Created by
No. of episodes 14
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release January 31, 2016 (2016-01-31) – present
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All members of Game Society play at the same time. Fans can look forward to banter, cursing, and Jason Stephens's celebrity impressions. On top of that, Adam Koralik is famous for being Chaos Chicken in the game.

Gang Beasts is considered a Guys Vs Games series.


Playing StylesEdit

Emre Cihangir usually picks the dark blue gang beast with a wrestler costume and cape. His character is known for its glitching. Emre's best played map is Trucks.

Adam Koralik usually picks the chartreuse gang beast in a chicken costume. Because of his button mashing style, he is known as Chaos Chicken. Chaos Chicken's goal in life and death is to kill Aaron, even if it means killing himself to take away one of his lives. Adam's best played map is Ferris Wheel.

Jason Stephens usually picks the purple gang beast in a suit. He is not the most powerful player in the game but celebrity impression add character to the game. He is known for being unconscious most of the time. He has won many matches by sleeping. Jason has won equally on Billboard, Trucks and Fans.

Aaron Yonda usually picks the green comb-over gang beast. His playing style usually is the most hated by the other players as he clings to everything, walls, ropes, even the other characters and hides in containers and trucks. He is the only player that has ever broken the ropes of a platform and succeeded in grabbing the rope and surviving, killing all those standing on the platform. He is the self-proclaimed "Comb-Over Master" and "Wall Master." Aaron's main goal in Gang Beasts is to kill Chaos Chicken, Adam's character, who is likewise intent on killing him. Aaron's best played map is Subway.


Brandon, who is a guest editor for the Game Society and appears in at least 2 of the episodes. Brandon's best played map is Billboard.

Brad, Brad the Bard in Skyrim for Pimps, appears three times. Brad's best played map is Buoy.


Aaron Emre Jason Adam Brad Brandon
Wins* 10 8 6 5 1 1
Ties 13 8 6 6 2 0
Total** 17.33 12.5 9 7.33 1.83 1

*Wins are determined by who is still alive at the end: if someone is declared the winner, but jumps off the edge and they have no lives left, they tied with whomever was last to die.

**Totals are determined by the ties plus the wins, the ties are a fraction of a win divided by how many tied.

Recurring ThemesEdit

  • Adam willing to die in order to kill Aaron
  • Aaron climbing walls, ropes, trucks, and basically anything that can be climbed
  • Adam doing a super moves that throw others off the map and having no idea how he does them
  • Jason knocking himself unconscious


# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 4 Player Mayhem Jan 31, 2016 Link
Billboard, Incinerator, Ring

2 Ferris Wheel F*ckfest Feb 5, 2016 Link
Trucks, Ferris Wheel, Fans, Gondalas

3 Subway Brawl Feb 27, 2016 Link
Elevators, Grinders, Subway

4 Chaos Chicken Mar 4, 2016 Link
Nuclear Plant, Containers, Ferris Wheel, Team Play, Gonadalas

5 Truckfest Mar 21, 2016 Link
Trucks, Containers, Subway, Billboard

6 Gang-Bang-Beasts Mar 29, 2016 Link
Blimp, Buoy, Sausages

7 Chain of Idiots Apr 7, 2016 Link
Elevators, Fans

8 Truck F**kers Apr 30, 2016 Link
Billboard, Ferris Wheel, Buoy, Trucks, Blimp

9 Sausage Party May 10, 2016 Link
Construction, Grinders, Sausages

10 Anarchy Mod May 31, 2016 Link
Billboard, Truck, Subway, Elevators, Fans

11 GB4 Resurgence Jun 9, 2016 Link
Gondolas, Ferris Wheel, Ring

12 Blimp Walken (With Aaron, Jason, and Brandon) Jul 21, 2016 Link
Subway, Blimp, Billboard, Construction

13 Morgan Freeman is God (With Aaron, Jason, & Brandon) Aug 5, 2016 Link
Containers, Fans, Billboard, Sausages

14 Return of Chaos Chicken Feb 24, 2017 Link
Trucks, Nuclear Plant

- Gang Beasts Top Funny Moments, Bugs & Glitches! Oct 21, 2017 Link


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