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Aaron Yonda has to play another Kinect game. This time it's called Harry Potter for Kinect. Anybody can do magic.

Harry Potter Kinect
File:Harry Potter game society
Created by
No. of episodes 5
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release December 15, 2016 (2016-12-15) – March 17, 2017 (2017-03-17)
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Emre Cihangir comments. Adam Koralik can be heard in the background.

After finishing a level, the game creates a GIF out of whomever is playing. Through this camera, the viewer can see bits of Aaron's and Emre's stomachs as their put their arms up. The viewer can also see Emre's leg sticking out and his beer.

When comparing Kinect games, Aaron has mentioned that he prefers this game over Disneyland Adventures. However, this was before Year 7, when it took them hours to complete one level, with each of them trading off in each try.

The series resides in a playlist called Kinect Garbage (YouTube).



In the beginning, the game has the player put their face in front of the camera so that it can model a character after them. Aaron had the idea to put Baby Cookie's face in front of the camera, creating a demonesque character. Aaron, Emre, and Adam repeatedly talk about how they have trouble suspending their disbelief, because the character Aaron created was way more terrifying than any character or creature in the game. Somehow, this character got placed in House Gryffindor.

They give this character many names: Horror Potter; Murderer; The Devil; Antichrist


Aaron works his way through the seven years at Hogwarts, learning how to fly his broom, use his wand, and brew potions. He takes the aspect of several different characters throughout the series, including Ron, Hermione, Snape, and Harry; at one point he is fighting a troll with Harry and Ron, then he and Bellatrix are fighting Harry together , then he is attacking Voldemort. In the end, Aaron claims that his character absorbed Harry's soul.

Adam and EmreEdit

Throughout Aaron's voyage, he had to call on the help of Adam and Emre in order to complete the level. Adam only agreed because of how much torture he had put Aaron through in Disneyland Adventures. During the bridge level, which took Aaron many tries before he finally give up, Adam and Emre tried for hours to complete it, eventually solving it together with Emre doing the wand work and Adam doing the obstacle course.


Aaron works his way through the seven years at Hogwarts in five episodes, learning how to fly his broom, use his wand, and brew potions.

# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 The Horror at Hogwarts Jan 15, 2016 Link
Aaron starts his first year at Hogwarts and creates his demonesque character. He learns to use his wand and his broom as he and Emre sing a song about punching people and snatching snitches. Aaron and Emre talk about starting a Facebook group called "Women Should Be Punched Too." Then, Aaron touches someone to death.

2 Horror Potter Dec 21, 2016 Link

3 Dementor's French Kiss Jan 12, 2017 Link
Emre, Aaron, and Adam discuss who famous died recently, the flaws of the Triwizard Cup (how mismanaged it is), and decides who Voldemort is in Game Society.

4 Dumbledore Double-team Jan 27, 2017 Link
Aaron plays the 6th year of Hogwarts. Emre has a problem with the name Cornelius Fudge. Aaron dances to the YMCA theme song.

5 Voldemort VS Masked Psycho Mar 14, 2017 Link
Aaron, Emre, and Adam all try to beat the almost impossible Year 7 at Hogwarts. The Game Society shows the audience how tough and ridiculous a Harry Potter Kinect game can get.

- Harry Potter Kinect - REMASTERED Full Series May 23, 2017 Link


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