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Mickey is a character in the series Disneyland Adventures. While the original Mickey Mouse is a lovable little idol for children, the GameSocietyPimps version is a sadistic, opportunistic, ruthless owner of Disneyland, voiced by Adam Koralik. Mickey runs a underground child labor operation, where the little girls and boys work at Disneyland doing odd chores for the other Disney characters. Mickey also has very little regard for the other Disney characters and uses them for his pleasure.

Disneyland Adventures character
Voiced by Adam Koralik
coworkers Stitch
His slave children (for labor)
Female Disney Characters (for s*x)
Species Mouse
Gender Male
Occupation Ruler of Disneyland

Mickey was created to annoy Aaron Yonda, who is forced to play Kinect: Disneyland Adventures. Aaron plays as a little girl (or sometimes boy) bound by a contract to work for Mickey. The work includes manual labor and Mickey plans to work the child to the bone, literally. Mickey keeps bones of his former child slaves, who he had also skull-f*cked.


  • Mickey recently acquired the Star Wars series adding to the perception of dominance Mickey has over his slave kids.

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