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Scribblenauts is a comedy series featuring Aaron and Emre as they hilariously play the game Scribblenauts Unlimited and later Scribblenauts Unmasked for the Wii U. In this game, they play as Maxwell, the problem-solving protagonist who has a "scribble" based solution to every problem. Aaron and Emre must think of words that might help the situation and input that word into the game which renders into a "scribbled" version of that word.

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Created by
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 12
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release January 31, 2013 (2013-01-31) – July 17, 2015 (2015-07-17)
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Season 1 REMASTERED (Marathon Feature)
Season 2 REMASTERED (Marathon Feature)

Story wise (in the Game Society Pimps version), Maxwell is helping people out in hopes that her sister, Lily, is cured of her STD she contracted from f*cking too many sailors.

Scribblenauts series is part of the Guys VS Games lineup.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Maxwell
  • Uni-cock


  • Batman
  • Cape Date
  • Chocolate Hipster Dragon
  • Date Capist
  • Fascinating Madness-Engulfed Goat
  • Harmless Armless Legless Grandfather
  • Lily
  • Poindexter
  • Sacrificial Jeff
  • Superman

Recurring ThemesEdit

  • Dark Chocolate Hipster Dragon being too cool
  • Sacrificial Jeff sacrificed to solve problems
  • Baboons are the trump card to solving any problem

Film editingEdit

  • Some of the videos feature an intro where a voice yells, "let's get ready to scribble!" similar to the way one would say, "let's get ready to rumble."
  • Some of the videos have an outro where a scribbled character fights another scribbled character. E.g. Justin Bieber vs Chocolate Hipster Dragon


Season 1Edit

# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 Unlimited Baboons Jan 31, 2013 Link
Aaron and Emre play as Maxwell solving problems at the firehouse. Since the game has a limited repertoire of objects one can summon into the game, the game substitutes words that they cannot recognize with similar words. For example, Emre typed in "sheep's blood" and the game summoned a "sheepish baboon." The baboon themed solutions made its start here.

After Maxwell solves enough problems at the firehouse, they move on to Hyphen Heights. There, they meet a "harmless grandfather" (as described by the game) that wants a baseball off the ground. Instead of helping the grandfather, Maxwell makes the grandfather armless and legless. The grandfather is now described as the "harmless armless legless grandfather."

2 Unlimited Hipster Dragons Feb 23, 2013 Link
Maxwell continues onto the castle, where they help a lizard grow up to become the terror of the kingdom. In order to make the lizard evil, Aaron and Emre describes the dragon as Hitler. Instead, the game makes the lizard a hipster, wearing glasses and a beret. The end result is a "Dark chocolate hipster dragon."

3 Sacrificial Jeff Apr 25, 2013 Link
Maxwell visits a prison to help all the inmates cope with prison life. However, Aaron notices that some of these missions are not for children as one of the missions involves helping a inmate burrow through the walls of the prison by concealing something in a cake. They also find Santa in prison and they must help him recover his fattening diet.

This is the episode where Sacrificial Jeff was summoned to sacrifice himself for Maxwell.

4 Madness Engulfed Goat Aug 4, 2013 Link
Maxwell arrives at The Saurus Park. Fans wanted to see a madness engulfed goat. Maxwell goes on a speed date (in a turbo booth) with a yakuza woman (who solved a problem with her ninja star), anubis (who wears weird pants that opens at the crotch), and barren legal little red riding hood. Maxwell shows little red riding hood to her sister, who has a debilitating STD, for some sympathy. Maxwell rides (literally) little red riding hood on a date.

Back at The Saurus Park, Aaron and Emre resurrect the Angry Hunter bit, when they are asked to summon somebody who can help track down a dino. The Angry Hunter immediately demands 30 buffalo b*ttholes from son. "Dinosaur, get interested!"

5 Chocolate Hipster Mummy Apr 23, 2014 Link
Aaron and Emre introduce a new character called Uni-cock who has cock and balls attached to his forehead due to a spell from a witch. This witch wanted to teach Uni-cock a lesson on anger management. His cock gets turned on by rage. Uni-cock goes to the Tomb of Onomatopoeia. Aaron and Emre have to figure out what hieroglyphics on the pyramid are trying to sound out; instead of figuring it out, they create a smart stolen halfling to figure it out for them.

Dark Chocolate Hipster Dragon makes a comeback to be put into a sarcophagus so that a mortician can perform his duty. The Dark Chocolate Hipster Dragon is covered in Starbucks napkins and turns into a Chocolate Hipster Mummy holding a coffee in its hand.

6 Warm Kitten (Warm P*ss) Sep 28, 2014 Link
Continuing the story of Uni-cock, uni-cock goes to the mine shaft and finds a caveman frozen with his mammoth. Uni-cock decided to summon a warm puss, which melts the ice. Waking up from his long sleep, the caveman picks up the warm puss.

At the end of the video, a mission requires Uni-cock to be turned into a superhero. Uni-cock must gain a superhero powers by adding adjectives to his name. Aaron and Emre gave Uni-cock "open-minded endowed super punctual" as his superpower describing that this may be the ideal boyfriend... for warm puss.

7 Accurate Butth*le Jul 9, 2015 Link
Aaron and Emre switch back to Maxwell as the main character. He goes to down to the subway and helps start up a cow band with instruments that moo. Climbing back to ground level, Maxwell goes to the carnival at Aaron's request. Maxwell wants to throw something at the shark tank but he has to summon something. Aaron suggest summoning an accurate b*tthole, hence the title of the video.

Maxwell goes back to the barn where her sister's debilitating disease is becoming worse. Aaron and Emre discuss how this game can be used to teach children how to cope with love one's going through a disease, by using the power of their imagination. The video ending on quite the sad note.

8 High School Sucks Jul 17, 2015 Link
Maxwell is at a high school and tries to help a kid eerily similar to Adam Koralik. Warning to Adam fans, a high school portrait of Adam Koralik at 16 year old will appear in the video already fashioning a beard. Emre suggest he could solve this kid's problem with an "I want to play Shenmu."

Maxwell meets his brother Poindexter in a locker. Maxwell struggles to make a kid in a playground happy. They suggest s*xy ladies, oil, space station, and other sorts of amusing "attractions" but the kid would not be happy. For a science project, Maxwell created a new organism called b*tthole.

- Scribblenauts Season 1 REMASTERED Mar 31, 2017 Link

Season 2Edit

Season 2 follows Maxwell through the DC Universe. He and Lily have to save Batman and the rest of the Justice League and stop Doppelganger, Brainiac, and Lex Luther. Maxwell creates a new superhero, called Cape Date. He is a man dressed in green with a cape and mullet. He does very little damage and dies rather quickly. His bizarro self, Date Capist, does more damage and has dies slower than his counterpart; however, he is still rather simple-minded, Maxwell was easily able to evade him by go to the next level, Date Capist was unable to figure out how to get around the barrier.

# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 Unmasked Laser-Baboon Nov 13, 2013 Link
Scribblenauts enters a new season with a new game in a new universe. This time Maxwell is in the DC universe. Immediately, Aaron and Emre express their regret about the game not being partnered with Marvel instead. Maxwell goes around helping batman in Gothem by bringing Zsasz to jail and helping people stargaze in the middle of the city with batsignals lit up all over the place.

Super laser baboon was summoned to help the citizens. The baboons doesn't solve anything.

2 Superman's Thong Jun 24, 2014 Link
Maxwell goes to Batman's lair and finds Batdog sitting next to Batman. Aaron claims Batdog's parents were also murdered in the same alley as Batman's parents.

Maxwell goes to Metropolis and helps superman defeat Mr. Mxyzpt, who rides a purple polka-doted octopus.

3 Cape Date VS Date Capist Jul 9, 2014 Link
Maxwell goes to hero creator and creates Cape Date, a guy who goes out on a date wearing a cape according to Aaron. In fact, Cape Date is Aaron. They have to fight Bizzaro Justice League. Among them is Date Capist, Cape Date's opposite. One of Cape Date's catch phrase is "don't make me date you." Cape Date's superpower, according to Emre is "the ability to not be able to date anybody." Others include, getting one date with a cape and getting women to go away.

4 Itchy Superman Sep 2, 2014 Link
Back in Metropolis, Maxwell summons Superman only to find Superman in a state of constant twitching. An "*ss hurts" symbol appears on the screen and Aaron and Emre figure out what Superman was doing. He was itchy.

Maxwell meets Michael Tea, the creator of the game. Maxwell beats Michael Tea up and the game is never made, the end.

- Scribblenauts Season 2 REMASTERED Apr 28, 2017 Link

Note: The order in which these videos are listed here are based on the YouTube playlist made by the GameSocietyPimps. The list is not in chronological order.



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