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Streaming Pile of Crap is a gaming live stream series in which the members of Game Society play video games that many critics considered to be terrible.

Streaming Pile of Crap
Streaming Pile Zelda cdi.jpg
Created by
No. of episodes 11
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release April 5, 2016 (2016-04-05) – present
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So far, games played in this series have been older titles, one being Link: The Faces of Evil released on the CD-i in 1993 and the other being Night Trap originally released on the Sega CD in 1992. It should be noted that the Night Trap Game Society played was Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4. Link: The Faces of Evil, on the other hand, was streamed from a Philips CD-i. The clean video stream of a Philips CD-i game was possible due to Adam's expertise of gaming consoles and scalers.[1][2] (While the setup was not mentioned in detail, it is likely streaming a Philips CD-i via RGB using a Micomsoft XRGB-Mini Framemeister HDMI.)

A web cam also runs live on the corner of the screen so the audience can "see their pain." [3]


Episodes listEdit

# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 '"Link - Faces of Evil (Zelda CDI) LIVE (The Pain is Real)" Apr 5, 2017 Link

2 "Link - Faces of Evil (Zelda CDI) LIVE (Kill Us)" July 5, 2017 Link

3 "Night Trap PS4 Remaster" Sep 13, 2017 Link

4 "Barbie Horse Adventures - Mystery Ride" Dec 27, 2017 Link

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